Having a great time in Puerto Vallarta

Today Mr. iguana Showed up to say hi and to teach us to listen to our Intuition!!! Listen to your gut even if it is telling you something you don't want to hear. Each day a new animal has greeted me, Dog, Cat, Gecko, Dolphin, Iguana when an animal shows up in your life it is time to learn about what the are speaking, if you are open and willing to be taught!!! Listen........

It's off to Puerto Vallarta in the morning!!!

Looking forward to long walks along the beach every morning at dawn. Having breakfast at La palap's on the beach then spending the days by the pool or Ocean. Offering readings limited times while I am there. Please email at AskaMedium@gmail.com if you would like a Psychic reading while in mexico or when I get back to the States on March 22nd!!!

Puerto Vallarta and Psychic Readings!!!

Offering Psychic Readings at The Selva Romantica Complex in Beautiful, Romantica Zone, Puerta Vallarta .
March 13-21, 2010
$120. an hr. Reading with Rick Finbow, Psychic Medium
email Rick at AskaMedium@gmail.com
for an appointment. Also available through www.AskaMedium.com
A view of the pool area!!! The Selva Romantica Condo Complex.

The Mariner of the Seas!!!
January 24-31!! I will be offering readings for the passengers on this wonderful 7 day Mexican Riveara Cruise!! Email me at Askamedium@gmail.com for an appointment onboard during the days at Sea!!!

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Living the Life in Puerto Vallarta!!
This is the view from the Condo!!!
I will be offering readings at the Selva Romantica Condominiums in the Romantica Zone of Puerto Vallarta, March 13-21, 2010
Psychic Readings available for $60. a half hour and $120. a full hour.
Book by emial at AskaMedium@gmail.com

My Philosophy? Have Fun Creating What You Desire!

Make sure you are having fun and feel good about what you are creating!

I believe we have it all wrong!

Mind, Body, Soul in that order means our Mind conjures it up and we believe we desire a certain person, place or thing (The Nouns). Then our Body takes Action and achieves it. Then our Soul finally comes into play and we wonder why we feel unsatisfied and unfulfilled.

That is why I believe we have it all WRONG!
It should be SOUL, MIND and then BODY!!!

This way, with the SOUL first we know, sense and feel what is going to be fulfilling to desire. Then the MIND believes it with excitement and passion. Finally the BODY can achieve it with ease and we feel more fulfilled.

Everyone and everything on this planet has a PURPOSE!!

Too Grow, Learn and Expand!!!! Who are you becoming?

Is it someone you wish to be?

I can help you discover and uncover the truth about where you are headed and why it is true.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall!

Remember that old Fairy Tale Snow White?

Well the Universe is just like that!

The Universe is like a MIRROR of your thoughts and wishes!

Have FUN being more aware of what thoughts and desires you choose to put out there to the Universal Mirror!

Just like the Wicked Queen in Snow White be careful what you ask!
If she really thought she was the Fairest of them all she would not be asking the Magic Mirror that question.

All that question does when she asks is puts out to the Universe that within her subconscious mind she really does not know who is the Fairest of them all especially herself if she must ask someone else for the answer.

That question then is asking the Universe to bring forth someone who is the fairest (Snow White)!

The old adage of "Ask and You Shall Receive" is more powerful than you realize. Therefore we must be very careful of what we ask for!

Choose your wishes and desires carefully and be specific! The more specific you are the more the Universal Mirror will bring of what you truly wish!